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10" StrapGear
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10" StrapGear
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10" StrapGear

10" StrapGear

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Tan Coyote Brown Foliage Green
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Attach your 10-inch StrapGear to your Maxpedition bags and keep them handy wherever you go! Silicone-blend stretch utility straps for hiking, backpacking, camping, and outdoor recreation.
Better than bungees, this 10-inch StrapGear™ is your best bet when you need to hold things together in one neat bundle. The steps are easy: Just bind, strap, tie, secure, and be on your merry way.

The StrapGear is equipped with connection smooth teardrop hooks that won't tear up your gear like metal ends.  Secure these hooks in strap holes for combinations fitting any shape gear. Waterproof and durable, these soft and UV-resistant straps stretch up to 2 times its original length. Perfect for outdoor activities when securing your gear is your utmost priority. 

Attach your 10-inch StrapGear to your Maxpedition bags and keep them handy wherever you go!

  • Strap your Maxpedition bag down to your boat
  • Bundle larger hoses and cable coils
  • Secure lids and tarp covers to prevent spillage
  • Create instant hooks in the field, wilderness, or indoors to hang gear for easy access
  • Strap your additional camping, hiking and hunting supplies to your Maxpedition bags
  • Combine with other StrapGear sizes to keep your gear secure and organized

Also available in 6 inch, 8 inch, and 12 inch sizes.

Product Features:
  • Absorbs no water
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Won’t tear up your gear
  • Smooth tear-drop hooks
  • Stretches 2X the length
  • Soft and durable

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